No QR Codes Please
MVPS CANNOT accept QR Codes to return your packages.
In fact, no one locally can. 

QR Codes, as you see pictured, are for The UPS Store, The USPS Store and The FedEx Store franchise locations ONLY.
These stores are 1-2 hours in any direction away.

Here is a step by step guide to converting your QR to a bar code.

On the Amazon app or website:-find the item you are returning in "Orders"
-go to manage returns and cancel the return-
Now you start over..

-Find the item to return and select it-choose "return or replace item"-answer the questions about your return reasons and refund method

-Amazon will give you 3 choices for returning
1. UPS Store QR Code...NO
2. USP Drop Off-box and label needed...YES
3. Ups Pick up...NO

From here...You can either print this label yourself and tape it on then bring it to MVPS to drop it off or...

-go to print label and choose Email label
-Choose share to a friend

We can print it for you and tape it on for $1.50 per label

...That's it, easy peasy!!